The Bankster Chronicles – Darkness Descends


“Gold is my enemy. I am always watching what gold is doing.”
– – – Paul Volcker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Circa 1980.

Look at our world . . . and look at what you’re leaving to your children – and your grandchildren.

Endless War . . . Endless Debt . . . Poverty . . . Inflation . . . Depression . . .

How is this happening? And why?

This story is for the curious and inquisitive among us – who want to know how the world really works. It shows the economic forces unleashed upon the world – and it shows how the powers behind the scenes have done this!

It is more than about wealth, more than about power . . . it’s about control of our system of money – and it’s about control of humanity’s soul.

The Bankster Chronicles is historical fiction. Epic in scope, the series recounts the violence and corruption behind the banksters’ rise to power, and their attempts to accumulate more power on their way to total domination of our world . . .

. . . and it is about ordinary people who stood their ground and said ‘NO’.


This second installment (Book Two) continues where Book One left off. It depicts the period and circumstances we are living in today; and it looks into the future, revealing an ending that might be.

“This story will shatter the very foundation of your world – and it will test the depths of your convictions about money, and about power.”

This installment presents an astounding panorama of human life: from the all-powerful banksters, to the women who loved them, to the people who said ‘NO’; and finally, to the common people who fought, loved, suffered, lived, and perished under the onslaught of history!

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This is excerpted from Darkness Descends:  Darkness Descends – Excerpt